SA Medieval Fair 2023

Last weekend, we made our annual journey to Paracombe in the Adelaide Hills for the SA Medieval Fair.

We have been involved in the Medieval Fair since 2009, so it is quite special for us.

Whilst the weather wasn’t great when we first arrived Friday afternoon, we did manage to mostly set up without getting too wet. There were a couple of showers over the weekend, and the locals were commenting on how cold it was, but mostly the weather was very kind to us.

Saturday for the skill at arms we had Lady Chris riding Keldan, Lady Cherilyn riding Phoebus, and Sir Craig riding Algernon. In the afternoon, Chris and Craig armoured up in front of a huge crowd for our Arming of the Knights demonstration, before proceeding to the joust. Lady Chris again rode Keldan, who was a bit feisty for the afternoon, and Sir Craig rode Phoebus, who mustn’t have had enough sleep as he was more grumpy and less inclined to co-operate. Sadly, no lances were broken on the Saturday afternoon, but we were all feeling optimistic that a relaxing evening and good sleep would be beneficial for everyone.

Sunday we had some glorious weather. Lady Cherilyn decided not to ride in the Skill at Arms, so Lady Chris could concentrate on working with Phoebus, and Sir Craig again rode Inspector Algernon. Algernon has been going through an off patch with his jousting, so we are giving him a break from it, and have been doing some more relaxed training with him, with the intention being to get him back to jousting if he is ok with it. Sunday afternoon again saw massive crowds gathering, and this time, after the Arming of the Knights, we had some really good joust passes. Lady Chris had a touch but no break, which was unfortunate, and Sir Craig had a good break.

We camped over again on Sunday night, packed up Monday morning and made the trek back home to Ballarat. As always, we sincerely thank our fantastic crew – herald, photographer, valets and grooms, and camp managers. Without you all, this is impossible.

We are already planning some different things for next year, and are looking forward to next year’s event already!

Please enjoy some wonderful photos of the event, taken by Inquisitive Images

Skill at Arms