Keldan is an Icelandic Horse, whose full name is Keldan from Haldane Icelandics. Keldan is the quintessential Viking warhorse and a bit of a larrikin. Like all Icelandic Horses, he can toelt (as well as walk, trot and canter), which is very smooth. So this also makes him a fine ladies’ palfrey.

In his short summer coat he looks very elegant, and in his thick winter coat he rocks the pony look. He is the least tall of our horses, but is also the one with the most amazing long hair and a most charming attitude.

He has done jousting and skill at arms displays at medieval fairs, and he has successfully competed in skill at arms and horse archery competitions. He has been to clinics, mounted combat training days, extreme cowboys events, a mounted pilgrimage (during Covid times) and loads of trail rides. He is a great helper when it comes to educating green horses and he’ll have a go at anything for a variety of riders, being sometimes pulled in at short notice for visitors or clinic participants. He is well educated and appreciates a good rider so he can show off. He has his own custom-made war saddle.

His two loves are going fast, and food. We try to accommodate both!