1470s Tyrolean Harness

This harness is based on the statue of St George from the alter piece in the church of St Wolfgang in Salzkammergut, Austria. The Original was carved by Michael Pacher between 1471 and 1481. While the statue is now black and gold, It was originally silver and gold as described in the contract still held at the church. Over the last 550 years the silver pigment in the paint has tarnished to the colour you see today. This reproduction was built by Manning Imperial and finished in 2022.

The Tyrolean school of armourers worked in the German style but with an italian influence. So these armours have large couters and pauldrons, along with the typical German fluting and long limbed Sillouette. This example is further decorated with pierced edges and gilt borders. The complete harness weighs 33.5Kgs