Horse Equipment

All of the equipment for our horses is based on actual historical examples, or depictions from historical sources, such as manuscripts. At present we are shifting our focus more towards the 15th Century, and our equestrian gear needs to mirror that. From bits and bridles based on drawings, to saddles based on ones in museums, to the curry comb we use to brush them and pick out their hooves, we try and make our equipment as historically accurate as we can.

Clothing (soft kit)

Like the gear for our horses, all of our own clothing is based on historical sources. Be it our linen undershirts, our leather shoes, woolen hose or outer garments, all items are well researched and mostly hand-made.


Our armour is based on historical sources including extant pieces in various museums, artwork or funeral effigies. All pieces are hand made and custom fitted by skilled armourers, which mean that each harness works properly in protecting its wearer. We ride and joust in these harnesses and we practice foot combat with historically correct weapons including swords, daggers and pole-axes.


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Camping equipment

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