2023 Mt Gambier Fantasy Medieval Fair

In mid April we attended our very first Fantasy Medieval Fair, at Mt Gambier. It is always great fun to go somewhere new, but it can also be a little nerve wracking, just making sure that the camp site is good, and the ground for the demonstrations is suitable. However, the site was great and the event was well organised.

We traveled to the Limestone Coast on Friday, and set up camp in the afternoon. We had a lot of rain and windy weather overnight, so many of us were a little sleep deprived come Saturday. But the weather for the weekend was excellent!

We did a skill at arms display both mornings of the fair, with the usual highlight being Craig and Algernon smashing a large watermelon with a mace. In the afternoons, we presented an arming of the knights, followed by a joust display. All displays were received really well, and we had lots of great questions asked, especially in the arming of the knights demonstrations.

The horses did well and the meet and greet sessions after the skill at arms and joust displays were popular with young and older folks. Keldan was by far the one who got the most attention, with many people curious about his breeding. (Not to mention his hair styling!)

After the fair closed on Sunday afternoon, we packed up camp and all headed home. Overall a really fun weekend, and we are already looking forward to next year. Huge thanks to our crew, for all their hard work and enthusiasm. These shows don’t just happen by themselves.

Here are some wonderful photos by the very talented Inquisitive Images: