Keldan is an Icelandic Horse, whose full name is Keldan from Haldane Icelandics. Keldan is the quintessential Viking warhorse and a bit of a larrikin. Like all Icelandic Horses, he can toelt (as well as walk, trot and canter), which is very smooth. So his also makes a fine ladies’ palfrey.

He has successfully competed in skill at arms and horse archery competitions. He has also had fun at extreme cowboy events, public displays and been part of a private reenactment gathering. He’ll have a go at anything for a variety of riders and is often pulled in at short notice for visitors or clinic participants. He has also done some jousting and proudly carries his rider in full plate harness. He has his own custom-made war saddle.

He loves food. Any food. ..did someone mention food??