Ruby is a mahogany bay Standardbred mare, born in 2003. Ruby was bought by one of our KH members in 2012. Since then she has had all sorts of crazy living history adventures, but loves nothing more than a good brush, and a pamper.


Algernon is a black Standardbred gelding, who was born in 2010. Algernon joined the KH fold in 2014, when he was not quite 4 years old. He has grown a lot since then, and is now a very solid boy, who loves food, and investigating people to see if they have food for him.


Rev is a bay Paso Fino stallion, showing the typical paso gait.. He was born in Florida in 2002 and came to Australia in 2013, after spending some years in NZ. He stands at stud but is also a much loved riding horse. He enjoys all things fast and exciting, including jousting and skill at arms and has won some competitions. He is partial to lucerne and licorice treats.